Preserve a Heritage, Weave a Future

We are looking for generous donors like you to preserve Bhutan’s heritage and weave a vibrant future. As a not-for-profit volunteer organization, FRTAB guarantees donors that their entire gift goes directly to supporting this mission.

A young weaver learns from an expert.

As Friends of the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan, we are committed to preserving Bhutan’s heritage while weaving a vibrant future for the practitioners and teachers of this ancient art. Thanks to donor generosity, Bhutan’s rarest and most sacred textiles have found sanctuary at the Royal Textile Academy for the conservation, study, and exhibition of these cultural treasures.

Your contribution is more than a donation. It is protection for a priceless art form and culture; it is a bridge for the next generation of weavers committed to creating a sustainable art. Thank you! 

Checks can be made out to FRTAB and sent to: 

Krista Amason, President
1110 Guale Point SE
Darien, GA 31305

FRTAB is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 20-3981633

Kadrin Cheyla!
(Thank you!)

Village elder with a "chokhor" or prayer wheel

Village elder with a “chokhor” or prayer wheel