The Royal Textile Museum, Peacock

The Royal Textile Museum

Textiles are central to secular and sacred life in Bhutan, weaving together Bhutanese cultural traditions, Buddhist religion, economic development, and day-to-day life. The Royal Textile Museum demonstrates this centrality as an educational institution committed to welcoming international visitors, textile curators and collectors, veteran and emerging artists, and children and young adults who seek to understand their cultural legacy. 

The two-story glass atrium (below left) announces the commitment of Bhutan to fully engage and take its place in the modern world. This 17,000 sq ft space is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the finest of Bhutanese textiles past and present. Three collections comprise the core of the permanent collection, most of which is on permanent display at the Museum. Of this space, a 2500 sq ft space is dedicated to special exhibitions on the textile arts. 

The museum (above right) features state-of-the-art lighting, air quality control, security systems, storage, flexible exhibition areas, weaving demonstration areas, and interactive learning stations. The Museum opening celebration took place on June 5, 2013, and the Museum is now a destination for international and local visitors, textile scholars and curators, seasoned artists and school children. Among its permanent exhibits are the Paulsen Collection and other exhibits of rare and carefully preserved textiles. 

Dr. Paulsen and Her Majesty admire a display in the permanent collection.