Phase IV: Conference Center, The Elephant

Schematic for soon-to-be-completed RTA Conference Center

Conference Center: A Gathering Place for All 

The soon-to-be completed Conference Center of the Royal Textile Academy is designed to be as welcoming to the public as to the business traveler and the international visitor. Large and smaller-scaled rooms will host multi-purpose events such as fashion shows, lectures, concerts, festivals, film screenings, dinners, charity events, performances, and other cultural activities. The 33,000 sq ft auditorium will seat 1,000 people and will be the only auditorium of its kind and size in Bhutan. The Conference Center is destined to greatly enrich Bhutanese daily life and serve the community by providing space for weddings, receptions, private lectures, and other special events.

Main Courtyard and Outdoor Stage 

Bhutan is renowned for its crystalline skies and mountain views, all of which can be admired from the Conference Center’s generous courtyards and outdoor stage. These open spaces are designed to comfortably host a wide variety of cultural events, festivals, and performances for local and tourist audiences. 

RTA Conference Center open-air courtyard